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Mr. Stephen O'Neil's Classroom 

I'm so excited to welcome all of you as students within the Drafting I, II, and III curriculum with me!

Please be sure to review all the information listed within this website in getting to know me and while you're at it, please reach out to me with your impressions via the Contact Me link on the homepage menu bar above.

This site is a great way to link up to your introductory class info below.  In addition to the Canvas links below, you'll see next to your student welcome videos & podcast to the left.


Also, please note the live links for Canvas classes with the black buttons.  Next to those links you'll see the cert exam objectives, which are critical in becoming familiar with what we're covering on our Final Exams.


Lastly, please reference the syllabus & blueprint info links at the bottom of the page for your respective class.  This information is new and very detailed in terms of what to expect with the class coverage in total!  

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This exploration of various classroom tools that involve rolling out material to the classroom has been invaluable.  Here's a quick overview of what tools you'll be exposed to in all of my classes!


This presentation is based on the argument that we need a more thorough understanding with respect to manufacturing, from a designer's perspective.  I’ll go further to suggest that this needs to take place prior to graduation from high school. 

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